Eric Ford

App & Web Developer

Petaluma, CA

(707) 787-8082)

Mobile Skills

Swift - 7 Apps

2015 - Present

Android Java - 4 Apps

2015 - 2016

Objective-C - 5 Apps

2014 - 2015

Corona Labs & Lua - 1 App (iOS & Android)

2015 - 2016

RubyMotion - 2 Apps


Web Skills

Ruby on Rails

2007 - 2017


2000 - 2017


1997 - 2017


1996 - 2017



Phoenix / Elixir


Other Programming Skills

Arduino & C


C# (not ASP)

2005 - 2008

Dircetor/Lingo, Flash/Actionscript

2005 - 2006


1990 - 2006

VB/VBA/MS Access

1996 - 2004

Eric Ford's Resume


Mobile app development is my primary interest right now. I favor Swift and it's protocol based approach to architecture. On the Android side, I'm very interested in working with Kotlin. My interest in Swift includes using it on the server side, and also writing desktop apps for OSX.

As far as web work, I'd like to work with a good modern tool chain, either one that I'm strong in already, like Swift, Java, or Ruby on Rails, with a fair amount of Javascript, or else one that I'd like to learn more about such as React/Redux, Unity, Phoenix/Elixir, or any functional programming language.

Employment History

Consultant, Sole Proprietor / Eric Ford Consulting
1996 - Current

I run a consulting company, mostly as sole proprietor, though I have hired subcontractors and also built and led teams. As a consultant, I have gathered requirements from non-technical clients and produced wireframes, mockups, design documents, and finished software.

I have built and published mobile apps and worked with mobile app teams. I've worked with a wide variety of development tools, and built software for companies such as Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Arthur Andersen, and Autodesk. I've built many database backed websites and written applications for Macintosh and Windows, as well as cross-platform Java apps and applets.

I've built apps and applications for individual clients, small to medium businesses, and for enterprise corporations. I've worked by myself, built and led small teams, and also worked as an individual contributor on enterprise teams.

I'm currently working on an iPhone app I'm calling Music Box.

Test Tool Developer / Apple Computer
1986 - 1996

Wrote tools for QA for Macintosh and Apple II: Sound, Music, Speech, and OS Toolkits. Led teams, mentored junior programmers, wrote and reviewed technical documentation.

Wrote and presented demos for the Worldwide Developers Conference for speech recognition and speech synthesis.

Implemented two FORTH interpreters, one in C, the other in 65816 Assembler.

Various Programming Jobs
1980 - 1986

Wrote code for computer games for the Commodore-64 in Basic, FORTH, and 6502 Assembler